blog link “Influential Women In Business” is an NQuotient blog series that interviews extraordinary professional women leaders. As a company, our goal is to empower women by teaching them how to network more efficiently with the intention of serving as a catalyst to increasing the presence of women in senior management roles. These women have graciously shared a few minutes of their time to tell us what experiences they felt have helped them reach their professional goals.

generadores de citas y referencias bibliogrГЎficas online Marijo Bos has extensive experience in Talent Management working with executives and their teams to create environments that promote excellent performance and allow individuals to reach their goals and discover their purpose. She specializes in Discovery Dialogues and SET (Successful Executive Transitions, partnering both with leadership programs aimed at building on strengths, and working across companies.  She also supports organizations on discovering the elements of their company that impact leadership diversity (skills, biases, mindsets, infrastructures, and attitudes). Marijo is the former president of PWN Global a collaborative business network with a virtual presence through 24 global city networks and 300+ volunteers and now serves as Chairwoman of this For Purpose network.  She is currently serving as advisory board member to Multimedia Plus (MMP), Curarte Children’s Foundation, a Dubai based behavioral decision-making startup, and IE Business School while simultaneously running her company Bos Advisors.

site de rencontre pour ado gratuit sans inscription We had the opportunity to catch up with Marijo and ask her about her experiences in the professional world. go to these guys Can you tell us a little about your journey from where you started and how you got into your current role? 

One of my biggest career challenges was to know when to take a pause, reboot my energy and think through where I wanted to take my career.  Funny, because only after working with executive talent from recruiting, to developing, and ultimately to supporting successful transitions at the top, have I embraced the power of the PAUSE.  This means many things such as being mindful about the present, stepping back, exploring “the other side” of a story, or how others experience me, and reflecting on when and where I am truly at my best and how to leverage this most of the time.  I often responded to, rather than being the director of my career; after a decade in executive recruiting, 4 in an entrepreneurial environment and nearly another 10 years spent in global executive development based in Europe, I partner with executives and teams as they uncover their quest to align skills, passion and purpose.  As for mine, I support people as they dig into their inner courage to embrace and ultimately act on what truly inspires them – head, heart and soul.  As a leadership facilitator, I boost people’s efforts to boldly step out of their comfort zone and take on new behaviors or opportunities that are fully aligned to their goals and dreams.  I set them up for THEIR BIG SPIKE.   My career highlights are: serving as a partner at Russell Reynolds Assoc.  while leading Walt Disney executive recruiting across their global businesses, facilitating growth programs for clients across all the continents via Bos Advisors, later in my career investing in a Masters in a field in which I have passion, Positive Leadership, and finally serving as President of a For Purpose, not for profit professional network focused on advancing gender balance in decision making at the top of all organizations, geographies and sectors. I’m grateful for the privilege to have connected with many amazing leaders through my career advancing talent through global service firms and through a dynamic business network.  With tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and others, it’s now easy to reconnect to clients, past candidates, mentors, peers and influencers that had an important role in my personal growth throughout my career.  I make a point to do this regularly and really enjoy it. What is your best networking tip? 

Be generous always.  Share openly.  A specific idea on how to build a generosity focused networking environment at a senior level is to create a theme based event.  This can be a luncheon or roundtable where you bring inquisitive minds together to share insights, exchange experiences and advance awareness on an emergent or timely, meaningful business topic.  It’s a win-win and can help you build purpose driven professional relationships while connecting a larger group.  One example is a learn and lunch event on Calm in the Midst of the Crisis hosted by a global real estate company years ago in NYC and featuring a respected author on mindfulness who helped senior leaders work through a difficult period by nurturing a growth mindset.  Very recently we brought executives together for a roundtable and forum on Good Governance in the digital era giving leaders the chance to exchange perspectives, experiential insights and ideas.  This was generously hosted by a global bank in Madrid.  Through diverse panelist from Italy, the UK and Germany we amplified success stories of leaders making an impact on  global boards, and how he/she stayed current on good governance demands. These are experiences based on building common purpose while advancing knowledge and nurturing a strong, diverse network. Do you remember a time/incidence you felt you were purposely challenged because you were a woman? How did you handle that?

I am a big believer that it’s up to each person to find and use all of the “tools” available to break through any barriers (conscious or unconscious), from skills, knowledge, resources, mentors, sponsors and internally developed confidence and courage. Unintentional biases or preferences have kicked in from time to time in my career and what’s important today is having a smart dialogue around reducing biases for the good of talent development and business outcomes. Injustices exist in every system or company and it’s up to the person to take control of the “work arounds” and it’s up to the company to remain open to how talent experiences the system, insights and feedback.  The more we make our colleagues – male and female – aware of unintentional biases, reflective on thinking fast and slow and conscious of withholding judgment until broader thinking is explored, the more we’ll create an equal playing field for all. It’s often hard for women to speak up on these challenges even though they are real and still exist. My wish is that executives truly create a safe environment where this discourse can take place and both genders can advance cultures and businesses as a result of breaking down barriers, overcoming challenges that often lie at the individual rather than the organizational level.  I’m a big believer in dancing with the elephant in the room and amplifying the privileges that many of us are blind to.

site de rencontre ciney What would you say was your biggest mistake in your career? What did you take away from it?

Other than taking more time for pausing and reflection early on in my career, I would say that I failed to more fully leverage the wisdom and guidance of a few great mentors.  People are generally eager to support, offer advice and experiences.  We have to remain open to pursuing and accepting this early on and throughout our careers.  Today I tap into a group that I consider to be my “life board of directors” and they give me honest, direct feedback after knowing me for so many years.  It’s ok to ask for help, reactions, insights and recommendations.  It’s a great way to make sure you hear the “other side”.

buy Lyrica belfast Favorite career book you would recommend? 

I have many.  A very practical one is Difficult Conversations, how to discuss what matters most.  It’s a simple how-to book with plenty of examples and techniques for dealing with the blurriness of facts, feelings and identity.  Dialogue is central to everything around leadership, getting things done, influencing, motivating, connecting so I tend to gravitate toward this simple, practical book.   The other one I really like is Willpower, rediscovering the greatest human strength.



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